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Academy of Research, Design, and Training, ARD@T, provides professional training and consulting services in research methodologies, educational design and technology, and student

and teacher motivation to individuals across disciplines.

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We provide consulting services in project development, research design, data collection and analysis, and program evaluation as well as offer training opportunities in research methodologies, educational design and technology, and student and teacher motivation.


What Our Clients Say

The mixed methods research training was very beneficial for me. As well as learning new things, I also became aware of several of my misconceptions. I can confidently say that I eliminated many of my question marks in my mind regarding my dissertation design. I would like to thank Dr. Sinem Toraman Turk for her great work and efforts. I will be following all upcoming trainings as well. I feel grateful to you for presenting such an opportunity. see you next trainings:)

Nurbanu ŞEREN

Graduate Assistant


It was quite enlightening for me to eliminate so many misconceptions from my mind about mixed methods research. It was especially beneficial to us that Dr. Toraman Turk took care of each trainee's questions and concerns about their own research studies. It was such an invaluable training in terms of ensuring that we would not repeat the same mistakes in MMR studies conducted in Turkey. I am looking forward to your upcoming webinars and trainings.


Graduate Assistant


The mixed methods research training was very efficient. In addition to general information, one-on-one feedback on each dissertation was so good. I greatly benefited from this training. It was only a handicap for me that I was in the proposal stage and not so clear about what I would do. Those who know what to do with the qual and quant order would make best benefit. I would like to thank you once again for myself being part of this training. 

Gülten Kunt


The part that I found most beneficial in the training Writing Research Articles in English: Good Examples and Effective Strategies was the part in which Dr. Murat Turk gave clear examples for high-quality quant, qual, and mixed methods research articles and underlined the key structures/expressions by emphasizing "pay attention to this, pay attention to that". The training was quite a remedy to me in terms of seeing with examples where to pay attention to and how.

Mustafa Cıngı 

Assistant Professor


If you want to be strong in the Methods section before starting your dissertation design, you can definitely participate in the training Qualitative Research with MAXQDA.

Sevim K.



ARD@T Team is incredible! Drs. Toraman Turk and Turk helped me revisit my research questions for my dissertation and align my questions with the study design. Doing a mixed methods research project sometimes is so complicated and it's so easy to get overwhelmed. These experts will help you design your research projects thoroughly and be more thoughtful about your work and resources. Bonus, they train you in using MAXQDA and teach the nuances of mixed methods.

Andy K.

Doctoral Student USA

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